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Boilerworks Service Management

Reconditioning / Revision
Tlf.: +45 30 94 48 70
24h Service Hotline



A reliable and competent service partner is required to ensure optimum operations and few shutdowns in a market where energy production increasingly calls for efficiency improvements and utilization of the means of production.
Boilerworks' staff provides quality assistance for any job on the pressurized systems of the boiler plant.
Boilerworks’ services comprise:
• Inspection of boiler condition
• Measurement of wall thickness and hardness
• Replacement and repair of pressurized systems, such as 
   > Panel walls 
   > Headers
   > Superheaters
   > Steam lines
   > High-pressure pre-heaters
   > Lufo/Gafo repairs and replacement
   > Heat treatment 
But also: 

On-site Inconel cladding of hundreds of square metres of pressurized parts exposed to corrosive and erosive flue gasses.


Boilerworks are specialists in on-site heat treatment of existing plants, including pre-heating, heat retention and annealing.




Boilerworks has developed a shockblast cleaning system for boilers, based on compressed air, fully automatic and integrated in the existing SRO.

 Before          After 

Maintenance of boiler plants is one of Boilerworks' specialties. We cover anything from simple repairs to comprehensive maintenance planning, plant modernization, installation of new parts and control systems.
When, as part of routine, the boilers are to be taken out of service we are on the spot for the annual inspection.
We perform inspection of the plant and its ancillary equipment and based on this we make a plan for the replacement and repair of parts and components.
This task can be performed by our own technicians or in close co-operation with local technical staff.
Boilerworks has distinct experience from complex plants, and we are experts in making plans for maintenance or scheduling modernization.
Experienced, flexible and competent welders and fitters solve even the most demanding jobs.
Please contact us for a meeting to discuss your maintenance and/or modernisation requirements.
Your plant can benefit from our experience.