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High-Pressure Boilers & Part


Boilerworks has specialized in the manufacture and supply of high-pressure boilers and parts for power stations, waste and biomass-fired as well as industrial and petrochemical plants.
High-pressure parts comprise tubing, panel walls, headers etc.
Our stocks always hold the most common boiler pipes for repair work.

Panel walls
Panel walls are made of tubing up to Ø101.6 mm for both industrial boilers and ultra-critical high pressure/temperature boilers. 

Panels are bent in widths up to 3200 mm, in angles up to 120 degrees.

Tube bending
Any standard tube dimensions from Ø21.3 to Ø168.3 mm. 


Boilerworks' bending machines are equipped to meet the strictest requirements of ovality and wall thickness reduction.

Superheaters and Headers etc.


Intricate superheaters and headers are manufactured and adapted to customers' individual requirements. 



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Methods and processes are being developed in time with the continuously increasing requirements of energy-efficient power stations and consequently rising pressures and temperatures.

Main manufacturing capabilities:

• Panel wall welding
• Panel wall bending
• Tube-coil bending
• Heat treatment
• Inconel cladding
• Acid cleaning 





Boiler bottom part 



Header manufactured in x10CrMoVNb9-1, ASTM SA 235