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Industrial Heat Exchangers, Flue-Gas Coolers, Economisers, Heating Surfaces

Applications and Customer benefits:

Backed by more than 50 years' experience, and as one of the leading and recognized manufacturers in Denmark, Boilerworks can offer heat exchangers for industrial processes and power/heat generating plants for:
• Preheating
• Heating
• Heat recovery
• Condensing
• Cooling 


The exchangers are dimensioned to customers' individual requirements. Boilerworks will perform the thermal calculations to energy optimize the exchangers.

All materials are selected to match the current media.

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Condensing exchangers:
Cooling flue gasses to below the dew point enables fully condensing operation.
Typically used in district heating plants, where flue gasses do not carry with them Cl or SO(x) residues, such as, for instance, natural gas or LPG. 



Feed water pre-heaters:
A feed water pre-heater upstream of the boiler increases efficiency considerably. Return or feed water for a steam boiler is heated by the flue gasses from the boiler. 


Pre-Heating or cooling:
Heat exchangers are widely used to pre-heat/cool process air.
The medium may be hot water, steam or for instance cooling water. 



The exchangers are often incorporated to pre-heat combustion air, heat process air or they are connected to drying chambers.
On request the design, even of the connections, can be customized to the plant thus simplifying installation and minimizing on space requirements.




Mini economizer for bakeries or similar small enterprises generating waste heat. 





Nearly all types of production process generate excess heat. This heat can be utilized if purpose-designed heat exchangers are used.

Typical applications may include:

• District heating plants
• Processing industries
• Chemical industries
• Food-processing industries
• Waste to heat plants
• Oil refineries
• Biomass plants 



Typical technical data:

• Design pressure:  2->26 bar(g)
• Water temp.:        0->228°C
• Flue gas temp.:     0->350°C

Typical applications may include:
• Customized design matching

   requirements and space


• Customized modular heating


• Material selection matching

   operating conditions

• Short lead times

• Reduced energy consumption,

   improved environment

• Easy access to cleaning and

   simple maintenance

• Over 50 years' experience 


10,000+ exchangers installed worldwide