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Boilerworks' Profile



Boilerworks has specialized in the manufacture and delivery of high pressure components to power plants, waste and biomass combustion plants, industrial and petrochemical plants.

Additionally Boilerworks produces a wide selection of heat exchangers and economizers.

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Service og vedligeholdelse af kedelanlæg er et af Boilerworks specialer.


Det omfatter alt fra simple reparationer til omfattende vedligeholdelsesplanlægning, modernisering af anlægget, installering af nye komponenter og kontrol-systemer.

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At Boilerworks we are of the firm belief that there are no conflicting interests between economic development and environment-protection – we must have a common goal now and for the future generations.
One of the greatest challenges that the World is facing within the next 10 years will be to encourage market players to act in a way so as to protect and improve the environment.
The Danstoker Group has elaborated upon their own Environment Charter, based on the Environment Charter of the ICC: “The Business Charter for Sustainable Development - 16 principles”.

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Danstoker Gruppen:



Danstoker is world market leader within the know-how of biomass boilers etc.


Danstoker's in-depth knowledge of flue/exhaust tube boilers, water tube boilers for oil and gas, and exhaust gas boilers in general is backed by over 75 years' experience.

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The Group



Boilerworks is a part of the Thermax Group of Companies.

Thermax Limited is a company, providing a range of engineer-ing solutions to the energy and environment sectors.
Headquartered in India and operate globally through offices and manufacturing facilities, our presence spans 75 countries worldwide

Solutions Suite – Innovative and Eco-friendly

• Heating equipment - using a
variety of fuels, including
• Absorption chillers - fired by
waste heat or steam
• Power and captive co-
generation plants
• Performance improving 
• Waste heat recovery units
• Waste water management
• Air pollution control systems

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